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How To Send Your Photos?

By Post

Wherever possible please send the original copy of your photo (negative or slide) & a brief description of the service you require including details about your finished prints (size, colour, gloss or matt etc), together with your full postal address, contact telephone number & email address if you have one (it will help as proofs & quotes can be quickly sent to you this way).


We would strongly recommend that you send photos by recorded or registered post. Which ever method you choose will be the one we use to return your originals. Full terms & conditions can be viewed via the link in the main menu. Please send to:

Important Dates!

5 Bush Close



Upload or email Scanned Images

Before you send your scanned images please save your files as JPEG (or JPG) images in RGB format at a resolution of 600 - 800dpi @100% quality (other file types may not be considered). If your scanner has software that sharpens or auto adjusts the image, please turn this setting to off.


If your file is less than 5mb you can email it to us. If you have more than one file you can attach 2 or 3 files to each email. Please include in your email, your full postal address, together with a brief description of the work that you require.


If you prefer to upload your images you can use the box below. You should use this method for larger files or multiple files. Please include your surname in your file name & a unique number (1,2 etc.).


When you have uploaded your file please send us an email with your instructions. We will then contact you if we require further details.

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Please Note: A solid version of your image showing in the box means that your file has been uploaded successfully.

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