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Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration is the repair of old photos, which can be faded, torn or damaged in some way. Damage can range from simple surface scratches to severe tears or missing pieces. We offer three basic services although every restoration is individual & priced accordingly.
Bronze Service
£10.50 - £18.50
The cropping, resizing & colour balancing, together with the removal of dust & scratches plus the repair of minor damage.
Silver Service
£18.50 - £27.50
As 'Bronze Service', but with the addition of repair to medium damage including moderate tears, but where the main subject is largely uneffected.
Gold Service
from £27.50
As 'Silver Service', but with the addition of repair to serious damage including tears, facial damage, missing sections & serious fading.
Photo Editing
Photo Editing is the manipulation of an image, perhaps changing a background, adding or removing a person or object, merging two or more photos or changing the original colour format i.e. colour to black & white, black & white to sepia & sometimes even adding colour to a photo.
from £10.50
The removal of unwanted blemishes including red eye, spots, scars, tattoos or the enhancement of facial or body areas.
from £12.50
The addition or removal of people, objects or a background. In fact anything that is unwanted or required in your photo.
from £10.50
The colourisation of a black & white image (not suitable for all images) or the conversion of a colour image to a black & white or sepia one.
Copies, Enlargements & Canvas Prints
We can provide you with quality copies or enlargements of your photos in addition to any photo repair or photo editing work carried out by us or as a competely seperate service. We can produce prints or canvases of any size dependant on the quality of your original image. Click below for more information & to view prices:
Standard Prints
Standard Prints
Enlargements & Posters
Canvas Prints
Canvas Prints
For all of our services we can work from digital files, original photos, scanned images, negatives or slides. All formats are converted to a digital file, from which alterations are made. A new photographic image is then produced, leaving the original image untouched.

Before any work begins you will receive a guide price (an upper & lower estimation). Final prices are then calculated on time taken to complete work. Once restoration work is completed a proof will be sent to you together with final costs & you only pay if you are fully satisfied.

All work includes 2 x FREE STANDARD PRINTS (up to 7"x 5") which will be sent to you directly from the photographic laboratory, once payment has been received. Larger prints, posters & canvases are available with prices starting from £2.99. A full list of prices can found by clicking the links above:
*Work received by 2pm today will be completed by 24 September 2018